Rewards Program

So, how does reward points work?

face naturals rewards program is designed to give back to our wonderful patrons each time they make a purchase. Reward Points are easy to use! With each order, you automatically earn new reward points.  You can use your reward points any time to pay for future orders. They never expire. Using your reward points on your order works like cash, it will reduce the amount of your order total!

To earn face naturals reward points, you must set up a customer account with us and use it each time you make a face naturals purchase. Your reward points automatically accrue in your face naturals account every time you complete a purchase.  You may choose to let them add up for a larger discount on a special indulgence, or you can use them every time you make a purchase for a nominal discount.

When you are ready to checkout, click the “shopping cart” tab at the top.  It will take you to a page to review your order and will have areas for you to enter reward points you want to use or coupon codes you may have. Yes, you may use reward points and coupon codes on the same order! Happy shopping! 🙂