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Team member health-place policies

The Workplace (health-place) Can (should) Be a Happy Place

We want to fill our face naturals’ work environment with love, life, positivity, and healthy expression of emotions! Our company contains two departments: Production - Fulfillment and Administration. Depending on which department you work under, you will direct any questions, comments, or concerns to your designated department team director. If you desire clarification for any of the following requirements and policies, please contact the designated director.



Each fun day begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 4:15 p.m. - with some exceptions often scheduled and discussed ahead of time. Should you arrive late, you must text your designated director with your reason and estimated arrival time. If you encounter a scheduling conflict, you must discuss this conflict with your director in advance as well. We grant our team members a 45 minute lunch break. Please keep your break within this time frame, or contact your director for an agreed upon extension.



We require that our team members wash their hands as they walk through the door at the start of the work day, after using the restroom, and upon returning from their lunch break. Personal hygiene requirements include physical cleanliness, no overbearing or unnatural scents derived from perfumes or other cosmetic products, no smoking during working hours, and no smoke residue on clothing is allowed. We want to respect the sensitivities of others surrounding us. To do this, we must maintain these standards.


Dress Code

We ask that you wear professional, work-appropriate clothing that will not hinder your ability to perform your designated tasks. Keep style modest and conservative. If an article of clothing hinders or distracts you from performing your job properly, then avoid wearing it. While we like to dress for comfort and enjoy the individuality of others, we still like to keep the dress code appropriate for best possible task-performance, with a non-revealing and non-distracting style.


Conduct and Behavior

We want to maintain a safe, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere for all of our team members. Therefore, we do not allow negativity, hostility, threatening behavior, or insubordination toward directors and coworkers. As we wish to maintain a friendly, comfortable environment, we ask that you check negativity, personal emotions, and drama at the door. We expect courteousness,  professional attitude, and positivity toward each team member at all times during working hours. Refraining from slang words, foul language, and other inappropriate language is also required of face naturals team members. Foul language is defined as anything that would be consider cursing. Slang language is defined as anything that is considered slang speech; such as : butt, fart, dump, freakin, sucks, stupid, crap, heck, OMG, I can't, etc. If you do not know if a term is considered slang, then please ask your team director for clarification. We prohibit this usage of such language entirely. Any other behaviors commonly considered inappropriate, unprofessional, violent, or threatening are also violations of this policy.


Cell Phone Usage

To ensure that our staff experiences few distractions and full potential for productivity, we prohibit the usage of cell phones, whether for texting or calling purposes, during working hours. If you have medical or family emergency, please clarify the situation with your director. We will gladly make exceptions for reasons such as these. However, unless you are experiencing such a situation, we ask that you keep your cell phones out of sight - whether in your pocket or purse - to keep distractions at a minimum.


Work Place Cleanliness

At the end of each day, we require that our staff take 10-15 minutes to clean their designated work station. This means dusting and wiping down used surfaces with rubbing alcohol, sweeping designated floor space, neatly stowing away unneeded materials and tools, and laying out any items necessary to start your tasks the following work day. This helps us maintain a clean, healthy, and convenient work space for all team members involved.


Termination and Consequences for Misconduct

Failure to comply with these policies will result in one of the following consequences: reprimand from designated director, suspension determined by designated director, verbal warning, or immediate termination. We generally will consider a three-strikes model, in which the team member has two chances to correct their behavior before the third violation results in termination. Violation of two or more of our policies simultaneously may result in immediate termination.

Face naturals reserves the right to terminate your employment without prior notice. We desire all team members to work with us long-term; however, due to the nature of an ever changing company mode, your services may be suspended or terminated. Should you desire to terminate your employment with face naturals, we ask that you do so with 4 weeks of notice prior to desired termination date.