NEW! Scent-Free Daily Moisturizer

After so many requests for an unscented, gentle facial moisturizer, your face naturals family listened, and created a brand new formula that lets you breathe scent-free air. Even better? You still get to enjoy the benefits of healing, organic botanicals that work effectively in protecting and nourishing the skin.

Product Ingredients:(Vegan) organic apricot kernel oil, organic perilla seed oil, organic sunflower seed oil, organic shea butter, organic aloe vera, radish root, olive wax (2.35 oz. glass bottle with pump)

Scent-free does not have to mean just barely skimming the surface when it comes to hydration. This is why we created a daily moisturizer to quench your skin's thirst, while still delivering the same benefits you love from our other products. This special blend will work well for anyone with sensitive skin and nose. Plus, if you enjoy our Simply Smooth line, then this moisturizer is perfect for you!

This moisturizer works well for all skin types, from sensitive to normal. You may use it alongside any facial cleanser and toner, and still reap a whole range of benefits, from anti-aging, soothing irritated skin, to giving your complexion the hydration it needs and deserves. With no essential oils to provide scent, this is the mildest formula we have crafted yet!

Ingredient Highlight 

  • Organic apricot kernel oil works as one of the best ingredients in anti-aging, as it contains potent amounts of vitamins A and E, two antioxidants that protect and improve the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes.
  • Organic shea butter packs in hydration, while protecting the skin from environmental damage with its content of cinnamic acid. It also contains vitamin F, which encourages the processes of vitamins A and E.

Directions for Use: Smooth a dime-sized amount onto clean face using upward strokes.

Shelf Life:1 year from date of purchase

Care of Product:Store your face naturals skin-care products out of direct light and away from heat sources for best results.

Our Love Promise: We know that you will love our products as much as we do! We offer a satisfaction promise on all of your face naturals products. If for any reason your are not feeling the love, then we promise to make it right!

More about our products...  

Our product ingredients are GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, pesticide-free, toxin-free, and full of healthy, healing, organic botanicals. We are a cruelty-free company (no animal testing).

Our products are mostly edible, healing, vegan (except for organic beeswax and organic honey ingredients), and safe for the whole family. We utilize small-batch manufacturing to maximize product integrity. Our natural products are artisan-crafted with fresh, organic ingredients, and made just days before you receive them.