Lemongrass and Rosemary Facial Cleanser - Try Me Size

Fight congested pores and regulate oily skin with the zesty, assertive boost of this organic, plant-packed facial cleanser – now in a convenient ‘Try-Me’ size. It performs effectively to keep your skin in great condition.

Product Ingredients: saponified oils of organic coconut, organic safflower, and organic olive, organic aloe vera, organic rosemary essential oil, organic lemongrass essential oil (2.30 oz. BPA-free bottle)

The assertive aroma of organic rosemary mingles beautifully with the citrus undertones of organic lemongrass will not only awaken your mind and brighten your mood, but revitalize your complexion as well. This cleanser effectively decongests pores, controls oil production, and clarifies acneic breakouts due to the above issues. Make your skin-care routine more assertive in tackling these problems by using this cleanser daily.

Mildly to moderately oily and acneic skin types that that tend toward congested pores will benefit most from the regular use of this facial cleanser. Supplement with the Helichrysum Hydrosol for more mature skin, the White Tea and Cranberry Facial Toner for skin that needs more moisture, and the Melissa Leaf Hydrosol for skin that experiences hormonal oil secretions and breakouts. Apply the Purify Daily Moisturizer for the oilier skin types and the Balance Daily Moisturizer for skin that tends toward normal.

Ingredient Highlight

  • Organic lemongrass essential oil has potent antiseptic properties. As an astringent, it relieves pain and inflammation to help fight acne. Its uplifting scent gently eases depression, improves confidence, and stimulates mental clarity.
  • Organic rosemary can balances skin with cell renewal and improves circulation to brighten the tone of your skin. As an anti-inflammatory herb, it has natural antibacterial properties, and increases blood flow while reducing swelling and redness.

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Ingredients: (Vegan) saponified oils of organic coconut, organic safflower, and organic olive, organic aloe vera, organic rosemary essential oil, organic lemongrass essential oil (2.30 oz. BPA-free bottle)

Directions for Use: Gently massage a dime-sized amount onto damp skin for about one minute. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry. See our Facial Cleanser FAQ for more information.

Shelf Life: 1 year from date of purchase

Care of Product: Store your face naturals skin-care products out of direct light and away from heat sources for best results.

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