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Truth In Aging Series – Sunscreen and Aging

6 min read

Saving Your Skin From Sunscreen

The sun can cause up to ninety percent of aesthetics resulting from the dreaded aging process – such as wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, or age spots. It is one of many environmental elements that we receive consistent, daily exposure to, whether we walk from our car to a building a few times a day or take a walk in the sun for hours. Dermatologists have harped and crowed about the need for sunscreen to prevent some of the damage from occurring, and to protect the skin from developing skin cancer and other forms of sun damage that will show up years down the road. With all the environmental factors involved in the aging process, it is understandable that so many people place such high importance on minimizing the damage.

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Truth In Aging Series – Decollete Details

6 min read

Décolleté Redefinition

Have you started kissing low necklines and V-necks goodbye due to the way your chest and look as you age? You are not alone in that, as many people start to notice their chests and necks age more quickly than their faces, with the signs of aging beginning to show dramatically by the age of thirty for most people. The skin around the chest and neck, also known as décolleté, is one of the most neglected areas of skin. Yet, it is also one of the most vulnerable and exposed places on your body. Successful anti-aging routines require attention to all details – from healthy lifestyle habits to ensuring that all areas of skin get the attention they need. So, why let your décolleté go without regular conditioning? 

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Truth In Aging Series: Hair Care and Aging

6 min read

Take Your Tresses Back In Time!

One of the most obvious and embarrassing aesthetics that come with the aging process is the thinning, loss, and greying of hair. The rich color, thick volume, and soft texture slowly turns brittle, dry, grey, as it changes like the autumn leaves. Many people, men and women alike, will turn to coloring systems, thickening formulas, or spend excessive amounts on styling products, shampoos, and conditioners in an attempt to bring back the rich life that once emanated from their hair in their days of youth. Unfortunately, many of these techniques can make the situation far worse, and even accelerate your hair’s aging process.

So, what do you do when you comb handfuls of strands out of your scalp everyday? How do you bring back the luminosity and vibrancy you once boasted? And what causes this breakdown of your carefully kept coif? While greying and thinning are a part of the general aging process, you may be surprised at how your own products and techniques play a key role in your loss of hair life. The good news is that, should your product selection be the main contributing factor in your hair’s aging, then you can potentially reverse and heal the damage. We put together a list of hair-dos and hair-don’ts to help you navigate which steps to take next in retaining your youthful coif the natural, nontoxic way.

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Truth In Aging Series – Emotional Education and Anti-Aging

5 min read

Positive Power for Skin Perfection

It is no secret that negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, grief, anger or frustration can have terrible effects on our skin – both during the current moment we feel it and years down the road! Certain facial expressions can accentuate wrinkles and fine lines, and stress causes the release of cortisol – a hormone that degrades your reserves of collagen and elastin. This can lead to sagging skin, dull complexion, and a lackluster tone. Negative emotions not only effect the way you look and the way you feel, but it also effects your lifestyle habits and your general health.  

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Truth In Aging Series – Escaping Environmental Damage

8 min read

Environmental Damage and Aging (Pre-Aging Plan)

When you think of environmental damage to the skin, you most likely will picture the sun or think about air pollutants floating around as you walk outside. While these two definitely contribute to a lot of environmental damage, and certainly are some of the most common factors in your skin’s aging process, many other contributors may float around in your home, your car, your work or school space – basically everywhere. You cannot escape environmental damage, and the effects of it will eventually show up on your skin somewhere down the line – whether through premature aging or graceful aging. A pre-aging plan in recognizing and tackling these factors will help eliminate the damage that shows up years down the road.   

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Truth In Aging Series – Anti-Aging With Organic Solutions

6 min read

The Organic Solution to Aging

Looking for more reasons to go organic? It looks as though you may have found them! Organic can make a difference in the way your body ages, both from the inside and outside. This not only applies to the foods you consume, but also to the products you slather onto your skin. Organic, GMO-free options are often inherently healthier, and if you read our blog regularly, then you can find multiple posts backing up this argument with good reasons. Our posts ‘GMO: What to Know?‘ and ‘GMO: Friend or Foe?‘ can fill you in on why opting for both organic and non-GMO verified foods is best for your health in general.

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Truth In Aging Series – Anti-Aging For All Ages

10 min read

Putting Your Face Back Together When It Starts to Fall Apart

One of the biggest mistakes people make when selecting a proper skincare routine lies in making generalized decisions that do not benefit the age of their skin. In other words, not all anti-aging products will benefit your skin or give you the results that really want. Your skin evolves and changes as you get older, and opting for products that do not suit your age can keep you from proper prevention, protection, and even reversal of aged aesthetics later down the road. But many people do not understand the proper steps and precautions to take, regardless of age and experience.

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Truth In Aging Series – Anti-Aging From Head To Toe

11 min read

Getting Back to Your Natural Youth from Head to Toe

Whether you are still in your twenties, noticing the signs of premature aging, or being asked whether you want a senior discount at the local movie theater, your appearance probably plays a key role in how you feel about yourself – whether man or woman. No matter who you are or what your age, a great deal of your self-esteem lies in both how you treat yourself and look at yourself. We all have imperfections we come to terms with. We all age and start to show it at some point. However, the naturally unique beauty that encompasses us draws a fine line into what works for us. This extends to any beauty products. None of us are conventional people, so why turn to conventional products?

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Truth In Aging Series – The Sun And Aging

5 min read

Sunlight: a Make or Break in Anti-Aging

The sun and its light surrounds us nearly every minute of every day. Even on cloudy days, its rays still reach the surface of the planet, keeping the life on earth warm and alive. All living things need the sun to survive, as it produces plants with their needed energy. In turn, plants provide us with food and a number of other substances that we can easily make use of. It feels good to bask in its light, and soak it up onto our complexion. But how does the sun affect our skin? And what does it make or break the average anti-aging routine?

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Take Action Against Anxiety

12 min read


Imagine your brain constantly yelling “Ahhhh!” at random moments of the day. Imagine that you continuously find yourself incapable of controlling the fearful thought patterns weaving their way into every action or move you make during the course of a typical schedule. A rapid fire of inner dialogue consists of phrases like “I’ll never get anywhere; why bother?” or “What will everyone think of me?” A borage of self-doubt, fear, and worry about nearly everything follows you around, always lurking and waiting to pounce and take over either every second of the day or at unplanned moments. This is anxiety, a continuous cycle of low self-esteem, constant worry about not being good enough, and wondering why bother because you might seriously mess it up anyway. It nags and nags, sticking around as you talk to friends and family, making you afraid of what they will say about you. It prevents you from concentrating because it may not be good enough, whatever you are doing.

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Organic Olive Oil For Optimal Skin

4 min read

Olive Oil – The Oldest Trick in the Book

Olive oil, one of the most common and familiar products available on the market, has a history that reaches all the way back the ancient Egyptians and beyond. We generally use it as a cooking oil or ingredient in our recipes. Many beauty bloggers also hail its abilities as a potential addition to your skin-care or cosmetic routine. Face naturals already uses it as an ingredient in our botanical skin-care products. But do we actually know exactly why this ingredient works so effectively with our skin, or what it does that makes it work so powerfully for a range of different complexions?

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Fuel Your Food With Healthy Fats

6 min read

What’s the Skinny on Fats?

For years, multimedia platforms have groomed a large portion of the public into believing that fats are bad for you. With wispy models on the runways showing of thin bodies, actors and actresses looking toned on the red carpet, and a number of health magazines offering to tell all about how to diet and lose weight quickly, many individuals feel compelled to say away from fatty foods. Even commercials advertise the latest trend in weight loss, whether it consists of a meal plan, pill, or exercise equipment. This bombardment of having the perfect body pulls many into gravitation. 

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