Truth In Aging – Willing Away the Wrinkles

6 min read

The Fine Line on Wrinkles

From smiling, laughing, frowning, and crying to squinting, sun damage, and gravity, wrinkles form as the years pass. We call them by different names: fine lines, furrows, creases, sagging. We start to see signs of them in our thirties, and watch them get deeper and more pronounced with each passing day, month, or year. They betray our age, and can seem unsightly as they map out the struggles, stresses, and damage our skin has endured over each and every decade. Much of the wrinkles we acquire come from elements outside of our control, such as the position in which we sleep or the way gravity constantly pulls our skin downward.

However, we can prevent and reverse some of the facial drama with a few simple methods and tricks.

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Truth In Aging Series – Keeping Your Neck In Check

7 min read

Renewing Your Neck

If you have found yourself trying to cover up your neck with turtleneck shirts, scarves, or jackets due to an unsightly neck, then you may well be wondering how to get back the smooth, elegant look it had before. Our necks are covered with some of the thinnest skin on our bodies, and often get exposed to some of the most environmental damage, whether from pollution, sunlight, or gravity itself. But lots of other factors play a key role in the way our skin ages, from the position in which we sleep to our typical posture. This thin layer of skin lacks the fatty tissues that help keep other areas supple and firm. Even skincare plays a role, since the skin on our necks receives so little attention. 

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Truth In Aging Series – Decollete Details

6 min read

Décolleté Redefinition

Have you started kissing low necklines and V-necks goodbye due to the way your chest and look as you age? You are not alone in that, as many people start to notice their chests and necks age more quickly than their faces, with the signs of aging beginning to show dramatically by the age of thirty for most people. The skin around the chest and neck, also known as décolleté, is one of the most neglected areas of skin. Yet, it is also one of the most vulnerable and exposed places on your body. Successful anti-aging routines require attention to all details – from healthy lifestyle habits to ensuring that all areas of skin get the attention they need. So, why let your décolleté go without regular conditioning? 

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Truth In Aging Series – Age In Reverse

8 min read

Reversing Aging –  Naturally

Okay, so we all get to experience the joys of aging skin. One day we look in the mirror and see crow’s feet, or maybe our skin has started to fit a little too lose for comfort, or perhaps the infamous furrowed brow begins to develop. Our natural reaction is to wonder how to get rid of these aesthetics, and keep them away for as long as possible.

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Starving Your Wrinkles Naturally

5 min read

Eat Your Wrinkles Away!

When you look in the mirror and start to see those crow’s feet fringing at the corners of your eyes, laugh lines framing your mouth, or wrinkles on your forehead, you may start to wonder how you can turn back the clock to keep those youthful features you had in photos from when you were younger.

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