The Sham Of Smoking

7 min read

Is Your Habit Worth the Bad Health? 

Face it. We all have bad habits. Really bad habits. Some people watch too much television, eyes glued to the flashing screen before them in a zombie-like state. Others have a bad snacking habit. Twinkies, Swiss Rolls, and microwavable popcorn often sound like gourmet dining to these people. Still, others might like to gossip. They go next door to chat with their friends about what the neighbors did last night – even if it has no affect on them. However, few bad habits are as nasty and detrimental as smoking cigarettes. And few habits are as difficult to cut out of your life.

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Truth In Aging Series – Smoking

8 min read

Smoking and Aging

You get stressed out, or upset at something. You light up, take a puff, and immediately feel a little calmer. That is often how a smoking addiction works for most people. Some get started on cigarettes because when they were younger, it was a cool thing to do. We see it in movies and advertisements, or maybe someone close to us did it as we grew up.

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