Healthy Living – Natural Solutions in Skincare

13 min read

Synthetic vs. Natural Skincare: a Skintimate Look at Your Products

One of the main keys to healthy living lies in keeping yourself clean and maintaining your personal hygiene. This also extends to proper skincare and haircare, which requires a number of different steps and vast understanding about how the skin actually works. We cannot just go around slathering different products on ourselves, and hope for the best possible results. However, even those with extensive knowledge about how to maintain proper skin and hair health may opt for products that contain harmful ingredients that not only damage your hair do and complexion, but also factor into some frightening health problems as well. 

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Why You Need Natural Hair Care

6 min read

Nourish Your Hair… Naturally! 

You may already know about the toxicity that most common hair-care products have, and what the chemicals can do to your hair and your health. We covered much of this information in our blog entitled ‘The Shocking Shroud Surrounding Your Shampoo,’ which exposes how these synthetic ingredients can adversely affect your body as a whole – as well as your head of hair! Now, we want to demonstrate why our hair-cleansing system works, what it does, and how to use it.

You can achieve the lovely, natural locks you have always wanted very easily by employing our shampoos and conditioners. Many of our clients come to us with questions, and do not fully understand how it works or what to expect. We detailed much of this information in our Shampoo FAQ, which explains how to manage your hair during the detox period – the first few weeks that you start using our natural shampoos and conditioners. Here, we explain what benefits you will experience by adding our hair-care line to your beauty regimen.


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The Shocking Shroud Surrounding Your Shampoo

4 min read

When walking down the hair-care aisle in the supermarket, you see lots of enticing brand names proclaiming miracle work for your hair. Bottles bursting with color that contain fruity or floral fragrances promise to handle all of your hair dilemmas with exotic ingredients advertised on each label. Do they really do as promised? Or can they make a bad hair day much worse? And, what about all those hard-to-pronounce ingredients that make you feel like you should have paid more attention in chemistry class? What do they do?

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