Healthy Living – Living Naturally

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Which Old Wives’ Tales Should You Follow?

Believe it or not, naturally living is not just a new trend or hot topic to read about in blog posts or other websites. For many people, it is a way of life that has been passed down through several generations. You may have even heard of some of these traditions for natural remedies from your grandparents or other elderly people in your community. For these people, ‘natural living’ was an everyday lifestyle that they implemented into their typical routine. Many of the most popular natural remedies that circulate on the internet were common knowledge to people who previously lived this type of lifestyle.

Some of the old wives’ tales are true, while others are pure superstition. Discovering which of them will actually work can create quite a task for average researcher. However, science and tradition both have proven some of these old remedies as reputable, reliable methods for preventing and healing mild illnesses – from colds and the flu to simple improvement health and bodily functions. Some of these simple ideas come from earlier generations, and survived till today for good reason.

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Take Action Against Anxiety

12 min read


Imagine your brain constantly yelling “Ahhhh!” at random moments of the day. Imagine that you continuously find yourself incapable of controlling the fearful thought patterns weaving their way into every action or move you make during the course of a typical schedule. A rapid fire of inner dialogue consists of phrases like “I’ll never get anywhere; why bother?” or “What will everyone think of me?” A borage of self-doubt, fear, and worry about nearly everything follows you around, always lurking and waiting to pounce and take over either every second of the day or at unplanned moments. This is anxiety, a continuous cycle of low self-esteem, constant worry about not being good enough, and wondering why bother because you might seriously mess it up anyway. It nags and nags, sticking around as you talk to friends and family, making you afraid of what they will say about you. It prevents you from concentrating because it may not be good enough, whatever you are doing.

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Reading Your Rash

6 min read

Re-evaluating Rashes

Rashes – a common occurrence that many individuals have to deal with no matter what their age or lifestyle. Rashes are a typical part of life, and most people will experience at least one in their lifetime. Whether bringing irritation like itchiness or stinging, or causing red areas to flower across the complexion, rashes take on different forms and often have different contributors.

Everyone deals with a rash at some point in their lives. Some people deal with one everyday, like with eczema or rosacea. Others contract it from pets, like ringworm. Still others, especially small children, experience a rash as a resulting symptom of an illness, like chicken pox. Regardless of cause or whether the condition is there to stay or will eventually fade away, we will give you some insight on what a rash is, what causes it, and what face naturals has to offer to provide relief. 

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Natural Ways To Combat Fibromyalgia

5 min read

Figuring Out Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia affects at least five million Americans, at least eighty to ninety percent of which are women. The painful, distracting symptoms can make ordinary life a constant challenge for those who struggle with it, whether trying to get some sleep or simply getting through the day. The continuous pain ranges from headaches […]
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Truth In Aging Series – Dark Spots

6 min read

Shining the Light on Dark Spots

One of the most common aesthetics associated with the skin’s aging process include age spots – also known as liver spots, dark spots, or sun spots. You know what we are talking about: those annoying speckles that start appearing on the your face, neck, shoulders, and sometimes arms. Most often, they bear testament to just how much sun exposure you received during your youth, and what kind of damage it imposed on your skin. Dark spots reflect the not so bright side of sun bathing, tanning beds, sun burns, and spending hours at the beach without reapplying your preferred method of sun protection.

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Ebola – What’s To know?

12 min read

Evolution of Ebola

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); “Ebola is a rare and deadly disease caused by infection with a strain of Ebola virus. The 2014 Ebola epidemic is the largest in history, affecting multiple countries in West Africa. The risk of an Ebola outbreak affecting multiple people in the U.S. is very low. What you need to know: Ebola is spread through direct contact with blood and body fluids of a person infected by and already showing.”

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How to Avoid Skin Cancer Naturally

7 min read

Did you know that more than 1 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States every year? One in every 3 cancers diagnosed worldwide is a skin cancer. In 1944, Coppertone sunscreen became the first mass marketed sunscreen. Fast forward to today, about a billion dollars worth of sunscreen are sold each year in the United States.

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The Natural Alternative to Botox

4 min read

If you think exercising is important for your body, then consider exercise for your face, too. Your face has muscles, and toned muscles will always look better than weak, flabby muscles. Unlike skeletal muscles, such as those in your biceps and hamstrings, muscles in the face are often directly attached to the skin that covers them.  When these muscles lose tone and elasticity, gravity begins to pull the skin over them down, resulting in the dreaded skin sagging.

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