Healthy Living – Makeup’s Toxic Cover Up

6 min read

The Price of Pretty

What young woman does not enjoy enhancing her features with a little extra glam and glimmer? Numerous cosmetic products loom enticingly from store shelves inviting a woman of all ages and social statuses to purchase them for a unique appearance. Plus, the makeup industry rakes in a lot of cash and attention, with models wearing a specific brand, or actresses using a line for their cover photo shoots. As one of the main products mass-produced on today’s market, it is by far one of the most common commodities associated with female identity and fashion. It makes eyes look brighter, complexions appear more even, and lips look fuller and more kissable. What is not to love about good makeup that plays up your facial features?

Maybe the concoction of toxic ingredients will make you change your mind.

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Organic Olive Oil For Optimal Skin

4 min read

Olive Oil – The Oldest Trick in the Book

Olive oil, one of the most common and familiar products available on the market, has a history that reaches all the way back the ancient Egyptians and beyond. We generally use it as a cooking oil or ingredient in our recipes. Many beauty bloggers also hail its abilities as a potential addition to your skin-care or cosmetic routine. Face naturals already uses it as an ingredient in our botanical skin-care products. But do we actually know exactly why this ingredient works so effectively with our skin, or what it does that makes it work so powerfully for a range of different complexions?

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Organic Tea Time!

8 min read

Tis the season to start sipping steaming cups of hot beverages while sharing good times with family and friends. At this time of year, we gather around with loved ones to discuss memories and plan holiday gatherings. Many of these gatherings involve a mug of cocoa, coffee, or even tea. For the upcoming holiday season, we encourage you to enjoy more tea, and experience a number of benefits that multiple teas can offer your body and mind. Many individuals still do not know the origins of tea drinking, or what it can do for their well-being. To ring in the holiday season, we give you the details on how to celebrate your traditions – with a healthful, hot drink.

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