Reading Your Rash

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Re-evaluating Rashes

Rashes – a common occurrence that many individuals have to deal with no matter what their age or lifestyle. Rashes are a typical part of life, and most people will experience at least one in their lifetime. Whether bringing irritation like itchiness or stinging, or causing red areas to flower across the complexion, rashes take on different forms and often have different contributors.

Everyone deals with a rash at some point in their lives. Some people deal with one everyday, like with eczema or rosacea. Others contract it from pets, like ringworm. Still others, especially small children, experience a rash as a resulting symptom of an illness, like chicken pox. Regardless of cause or whether the condition is there to stay or will eventually fade away, we will give you some insight on what a rash is, what causes it, and what face naturals has to offer to provide relief. 

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