Healthy Living – Preparing for an Organic Pregnancy Part 4

9 min read

Re-education on Radiation 

As your unborn child continues to grow inside of your uterus, you become more cautious to what you expose your body to. The fragile stage of life called the gestational period is the time period that the fetus grows and develops in the womb, making it one of the most important points in every human being’s life. This point in time marks the growth and function of nearly every system, and may also dictate the overall health of the child once it is born and starts its life outside of mother’s body. We already discussed the potential effects of your skincare routine and your diet, elaborating on why it may be beneficial to make some changes. Adjusting what goes into your body can help you avoid potentially devastating effects on your. Check out ‘Skincare Savvy Mother-To-Be‘ and ‘Meal Mastering Mom-To-Be‘ to learn more about what changes you should make to your skincare and diet. But there are a few common items that many mothers often forget that can have an equally toxic effect on their bodies and that of their developing babies.

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Cell Phone Radiation and Your Health!

5 min read

Secrets about Your Cell Phone

The one thing you may carry around with you all day may also be the one thing jeopardizing the global health as you read this post. You’re not alone in carrying this potential weapon of mass destruction. Millions of people walking the planet also carry them – billions actually.

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