Organic Peppermint – The Alternative Peacemaker

5 min read

Peppermints’ Minty Origins

The peppermint plant is a hybrid cross between watermint and it’s green cousin, spearmint. While indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, the peppermint plant is currently widespread in several regions of the world. It’s harvested wild (wildcrafted), organically (our recommendation), or treated with chemical pesticides to ward of plant destroying invaders.

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Organic Tea Time!

8 min read

Tis the season to start sipping steaming cups of hot beverages while sharing good times with family and friends. At this time of year, we gather around with loved ones to discuss memories and plan holiday gatherings. Many of these gatherings involve a mug of cocoa, coffee, or even tea. For the upcoming holiday season, we encourage you to enjoy more tea, and experience a number of benefits that multiple teas can offer your body and mind. Many individuals still do not know the origins of tea drinking, or what it can do for their well-being. To ring in the holiday season, we give you the details on how to celebrate your traditions – with a healthful, hot drink.

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