Parabens and Your Health!

7 min read

All About Parabens

As the awareness of the widespread usage of synthetic chemicals in the skin-care industry grows, many articles touch on whether or not they cause potential damage to the human body, and who could be at risk of experiencing their effects. One of the most debated and discussed groups of chemicals, called parabens, is widely used as a preservative to hinder the growth and spread of bacteria. Often added to cosmetics, toiletries, and even foods, these preservatives work with a broad range of formulas.

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The Shocking Shroud Surrounding Your Shampoo

4 min read

When walking down the hair-care aisle in the supermarket, you see lots of enticing brand names proclaiming miracle work for your hair. Bottles bursting with color that contain fruity or floral fragrances promise to handle all of your hair dilemmas with exotic ingredients advertised on each label. Do they really do as promised? Or can they make a bad hair day much worse? And, what about all those hard-to-pronounce ingredients that make you feel like you should have paid more attention in chemistry class? What do they do?

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25 Dangerous Chemicals Commonly Used In Cosmetics

11 min read

These are commonly used toxic chemicals that even manage to find their way into many “natural” body care products. We recommend that you avoid these chemicals in your personal products as many of them have the ability to bioaccumulate (build-up) in your body.


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