Truth In Aging Series – Decollete Details

6 min read

Décolleté Redefinition

Have you started kissing low necklines and V-necks goodbye due to the way your chest and look as you age? You are not alone in that, as many people start to notice their chests and necks age more quickly than their faces, with the signs of aging beginning to show dramatically by the age of thirty for most people. The skin around the chest and neck, also known as décolleté, is one of the most neglected areas of skin. Yet, it is also one of the most vulnerable and exposed places on your body. Successful anti-aging routines require attention to all details – from healthy lifestyle habits to ensuring that all areas of skin get the attention they need. So, why let your décolleté go without regular conditioning? 

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Send Your Scars Packing Naturally!

3 min read

Healing Scars with Organic Botanicals!

Scars can leave unsightly marks on our faces, arms, hands, neck… Practically anywhere you have skin is vulnerable to a scar. We get scars from acne, sores, cuts, and scrapes.

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