Why You Need Natural Hair Care

6 min read

Nourish Your Hair… Naturally! 

You may already know about the toxicity that most common hair-care products have, and what the chemicals can do to your hair and your health. We covered much of this information in our blog entitled ‘The Shocking Shroud Surrounding Your Shampoo,’ which exposes how these synthetic ingredients can adversely affect your body as a whole – as well as your head of hair! Now, we want to demonstrate why our hair-cleansing system works, what it does, and how to use it.

You can achieve the lovely, natural locks you have always wanted very easily by employing our shampoos and conditioners. Many of our clients come to us with questions, and do not fully understand how it works or what to expect. We detailed much of this information in our Shampoo FAQ, which explains how to manage your hair during the detox period – the first few weeks that you start using our natural shampoos and conditioners. Here, we explain what benefits you will experience by adding our hair-care line to your beauty regimen.


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Healthy Reflections

4 min read

Healthy Reflections: Foods that Reflect Your Natural Beauty

If you are a fan of face naturals, then you know that what you put on your skin can make a huge impact on your appearance. We use organic ingredients to ensure that you feed the surface of your skin with nourishing botanicals. But no matter what brand of love you slather on you skin, the real reflection of health happens because you feed your body properly. 

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