Ebola VS. Flu

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Understanding the Real Battle

Two viruses that have both earned headlines come face to face regarding their virulency,  contagion, symptoms, and death rate as we cover these violent viruses. More recently, the attention of the American public turns to Africa to watch the horror story unfold. Over 4,000 people died from Ebola, with the death toll steadily rising. The virus made its way into North America and two other continents, weaving a tangled web of insidious miscalculation, mystery cures low in supply, mistrust of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, and demands for screenings at airports – cries to stop the possibility of the potentially pending pandemic.

Many of us seem to forget the facts that other viruses have plagued our world, incurring terror and death for centuries. Viruses, an age-old enemy for the human population, and an often misunderstood enigma that can cause enormous damage, often cast monstrous shadows that splash across newspapers, film screens, and personal televisions. But what threat do these tiny, microbial particles really create for us? And what really generates the big, scary shadows that make us cower? We take a look at two of the most highly discussed viruses that both made headlines, and uncover what we should really fear.

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Natural Remedies For The Flu

6 min read

Natural Remedies to Say ‘Farewell’ to the Flu

You can never be too careful during this time of year, when every surface and indoor area becomes a breeding ground for illnesses like bacterial infections and viruses. Many people flock to pharmacies and doctor’s offices to get flu vaccinations or receive prescriptions to curb symptoms and contagion. Others try to tough it out, struggling through the symptoms bravely. If you want to avoid health clinics and still relieve symptoms, you can give some of our suggestions a try.

A number of different factors may put you or other family members at risk of contracting the flu virus. For instance, if you do not get around eight hours of sleep per night, consume enough fluids and nourishing foods, or exercise on a regular basis, then you could be putting yourself at a greater risk of catching influenza. These elements build up your immune system so it can more easily fight off germs.

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Having Victory During This Flu Season

6 min read

Being Prepared!

Sneezing, coughing, fatigue, and stuffy nose… You may have caught a simple head cold, or you may have to face off with influenza. Each year, a few different strains of flu virus begin a trail of infection that often leaves a wake of illness across the country. Each year, influenza continues to make headlines as the public and health officials attempt to keep track of its trail. Pharmacy lines grow with the elderly attempting to protect themselves with vaccinations, and schools take extra precautions to keep the germ level down.

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