Truth In Aging Series – Facial Sagging and Natural Remedies

10 min read

Turn Your Facial Sagging into Facial Bragging

As we age, we start to notice that our skin does not fit the way it used to. We earn jowls, bags under our eyes, and increased sagging around our mouths. These developments can make us more aware of our age, and in turn, we start to look for some solutions. 

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Truth In Aging Series – Facial Sagging

6 min read

The Source of the Sagging Madness

Facial sagging happens for lots of reasons that affect the way our skin connects to the bone beneath, and the effect that passing time has on our appearance. It can come as a number of simple things that we would barely consider to the things we put into and onto our bodies. It makes the entire structure of our faces appear different, and causes our reflection to appear unrecognizable when compared with photographs taken years ago.

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