Truth In Aging – Willing Away the Wrinkles

6 min read

The Fine Line on Wrinkles

From smiling, laughing, frowning, and crying to squinting, sun damage, and gravity, wrinkles form as the years pass. We call them by different names: fine lines, furrows, creases, sagging. We start to see signs of them in our thirties, and watch them get deeper and more pronounced with each passing day, month, or year. They betray our age, and can seem unsightly as they map out the struggles, stresses, and damage our skin has endured over each and every decade. Much of the wrinkles we acquire come from elements outside of our control, such as the position in which we sleep or the way gravity constantly pulls our skin downward.

However, we can prevent and reverse some of the facial drama with a few simple methods and tricks.

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Truth In Aging Series – Anti-Aging For All Ages

10 min read

Putting Your Face Back Together When It Starts to Fall Apart

One of the biggest mistakes people make when selecting a proper skincare routine lies in making generalized decisions that do not benefit the age of their skin. In other words, not all anti-aging products will benefit your skin or give you the results that really want. Your skin evolves and changes as you get older, and opting for products that do not suit your age can keep you from proper prevention, protection, and even reversal of aged aesthetics later down the road. But many people do not understand the proper steps and precautions to take, regardless of age and experience.

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Fall in Love with Liquid Gold

5 min read

As the leaves start turning bright, crisp colors and the temperature moves down to a chill, a few seasonally symbolic images come to mind for most people. The deep, rich colors of autumn mingle with aromas of potent spices and herbs. Everyone starts participating in fun fall activities like high school football games, drinking hot beverages, and carving pumpkins into jack o’ lanterns. Whenever you decide to put that toothy grin on your pumpkin this Halloween, think about the health benefits that this American squash can provide you as you clean out the seeds.

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Magnificent Unmasking: A Feast for the Face from face naturals!

9 min read

We write to provide you with all kinds of awesome information that empowers you to boost your body’s health. We believe that this should start with your skin – your number one defense mechanism and the largest organ on your body. Today, we want to make a special post that lets you put your best face forward – literally! We offer a wide range of all-natural clay masks formulated to detoxify, purify, and cleanse your skin from the surface of the epidermis to the layers beneath.

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The Natural Alternative to Botox

4 min read

If you think exercising is important for your body, then consider exercise for your face, too. Your face has muscles, and toned muscles will always look better than weak, flabby muscles. Unlike skeletal muscles, such as those in your biceps and hamstrings, muscles in the face are often directly attached to the skin that covers them.  When these muscles lose tone and elasticity, gravity begins to pull the skin over them down, resulting in the dreaded skin sagging.

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