Healthy Living – Seeing the Light Naturally!

8 min read

Enlighten Yourself About Light

Light surrounds us throughout every part of every day. Even when night falls, and we prepare to bed down and hit the hay, some form of light weaves its way through the atmosphere. Different types of light exist, and perform different functions for the surrounding environment. Some forms of light keep our circadian rhythm in check, ensuring that we can awaken and fall asleep at appropriate times of the day. Other forms of light provide us with certain types of vitamins that only our skin can properly absorb. Still, others cause some negative health effects, including cancer or insomnia.

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Estrogen Mimickers: Synthetic Problems With Organic Solutions

4 min read

Easing Away from Estrogen Mimickers

Hormone disruption can cause a variety of unsettling physical and mental health issues that often prove difficult to shake. In our article about the endocrine system, we outlined some of the main components of how your body produces hormones, and what can happen when the functions of this system go awry. Estrogen mimickers, one of the main reasons that our naturally occurring hormones can get throw out of whack, are in more products than you think. Foods, medicines, skin-care products, and cosmetics can often contain some version of these mimickers.

Why does it matter? Well, estrogen mimickers can cause a variety of health problems over the course of time – many of which can often remain under the radar. People who are unfamiliar with the way certain substances interact with their body, and do not fully understand the symptoms that ensue may dismiss encroaching estrogen mimickers. Learn about the surprising items you may purchase or consume that may contain these mimickers, as well as the common symptoms and long-term health effects that they could cause to you and your family.


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The Shocking Shroud Surrounding Your Shampoo

4 min read

When walking down the hair-care aisle in the supermarket, you see lots of enticing brand names proclaiming miracle work for your hair. Bottles bursting with color that contain fruity or floral fragrances promise to handle all of your hair dilemmas with exotic ingredients advertised on each label. Do they really do as promised? Or can they make a bad hair day much worse? And, what about all those hard-to-pronounce ingredients that make you feel like you should have paid more attention in chemistry class? What do they do?

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Hormones and health!

6 min read

You may not be familiar their names, what function they perform to keep you healthy, or what gland produces them, but hormones play a vital role in how you feel both physically and mentally. Hormone imbalances are relatively common, and often go unnoticed. Their symptoms are general, varying, and nondescript, but can easily alter the course of your day.

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