Getting A Natural Edge Over Eczema

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Co-Existing with Eczema

If you google the keyword ‘eczema,’ and flip through the variety of images available, you will see a range of skin rashes ranging from simplistic red marks or bumps that seem relatively easy to treat in comparison to the crusted, raw, exposed skin covered in pus and secretion. Eczema ranges from mild, to moderate, to severe, and may affect as much as thirty percent of the American population. This condition is by no means uncommon, and many people often have some level of knowledge or familiarity concerning it.

In fact, you or someone you know may struggle with this condition, and fully comprehend the irritation it can cause an individual on a daily basis. Constant itching, rashes occurring from exposure to irritants or allergens, and unsightly red marks heralding the flowering appearance of irritation are all hallmarks of the struggle with eczema. And the more severe the condition, the worse the effects – both aesthetically and mentally.

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