Truth In Aging Series – Alcohol

8 min read

Alcohol and Aging

Adult beverages are a favorite pastime of many Americans – especially on the weekends! It can make us feel more relaxed, sociable, and happy. But what does it do to your body? And how does it speed up the aging process? Many people believe that an occasional drink cannot be all that bad for their bodies, but do not comprehend the reality of what it does to their bodies’ ability to function or how it will look years down the road. When the signs of aging begin to progress, you may start to rethink your bubbly cup of cheer. 

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Age Spots and The Natural Cure

4 min read

Brightening Your Skin For a More Youthful Glow

Liver spots, sun spots, age spots… We call them by different names, but they all imply the same thing – an overage of melanin in one area. No matter what your age, you may develop small, dark areas of skin that appear throughout the years.

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